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He Touched So Many

William H Frye

November 22, 1942 – February 26, 2021
Jeannette, Pennsylvania

If your life is ultimately measured by what u do for others then Will Frye passed with flying colors. He was a psychologist for the county of Westmoreland, caring for mental illness cases that came before the courts in Westmoreland. He was an Air Force veteran of the Vietnam War, using his skills as a Russian linguist. And when he passed, February 26 2021, he still was helping others.
What I can say as his wife of 22yrs that as time passes my emotion is one of gratitude. Overwhelming gratitude for all the gifts he gave me.For how the riches of his heart, his mind and life experiences filled me with profound joy. There’s no end of my gratitude for the time we listened to music. Without a doubt it’s when I hear music I feel his absence and his presence most, tears weld up inside me. I could be all my different selves, from the serious to the silly from the pillar of strength to the scared child, from the hyper component to the klutz, from kindness incarnated to total thoughtlessness . It was OK no matter what. I was loved.
Can there be any greater gift?

My husband’s positivity was so infectious that it helps me keep on the right path. Having a partner who only sees the beauty in life is absolutely amazing.

Marilyn Frye