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In Memory of

Tyler Buchan

Tyler was an outgoing young man who was full of life and lived his life to the fullest. He was a friend to everyone. He graduated high school in 2014 having played football, volleyball and basketball. He loved spending time with his family and friends. He loved the outdoors, camping, sitting around the campfire with his friends. He had a smile that could light up the world and he loved making people laugh. When Tyler went to the DMV to get his drivers license at the young age of 16, without hesitation he answered “yes” when the clerk asked him if he wanted to be an organ donor. I can remember that sinking feeling in my chest and I said “Tyler, are you sure you want to do that”? He replied “Yes, Mom, if I am gone they aren’t going to do me any good, but if someone can be helped that is what I want to do.” I never though that just a few years later his choice to be an organ donor would come to be at such a young age. Tyler was enjoying and evening with friends that summer night and an unfortunate accident happened and tragedy struck. We lost our son, our daughter lost her brother. He was a grandson, friend, football coach and so much to so many people. As Tyler’s family, we were so proud of him for making such a selfless decision at such a young age and we are honored by his selflessness. Tyler was an eye, organ and tissue donor. Due to his injuries, his heart, lung, and liver were not able to be used for transplant. But, his corneas, bone, and many other tissues were recovered and have improved the lives of many people. His motto was “Be You”, the best You that you can be. Tyler, you remain forever in our hearts. You are missed tremendously by your family and friends. Mom, Dad, Mackenzie and your family.

The term “Be You” was a motto with which Tyler lived his life and a thought he shared with most everyone.