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In Memory of

Phillip C Macri III

June 7, 1974 – February 22, 2021
Grove City , Pennsylvania

My brother Phillip passed away suddenly on us February 22, 2021. I still remember that morning when I got the phone call from his employer that he had been taken to the hospital.

To know him was to love him! No matter what he would help anyone!

Little did I know the words I would be receiving in the next hour would change my life forever! As well as the lives of so many others! To know him was to love him!

I had to reach out to the family including his father and let him know that Phillip was no longer with us. This was the worst thing any parent should ever have to hear that their youngest child, their name sake has passed.

That day was a blur and honestly it is still a blur. I received a call from the funeral director telling me that CORE a would be reaching out to me, Phillip was an organ donor! In these times this was something I had forgot. So I received a call asking me if we wanted to follow thru with his wishes and I said of course!

Then the words that we heard next showed us that even after our brother was gone he still would be helping. The lady on the other end of the phone tells us they will be using our brothers corneas and… At that time we both interrupted her and said excuse me are you aware our brother is legally blind? Yes, but his corneas are still good!

The moral of this is that today he has been able to give the gift of sight, as well as many other things. The gift of sight he gave was something he never had!

In Phillips time here on earth he was so loving and caring for anyone! No matter how someone treated him he would do for them if he could. That’s why Phillip chose to be an organ donor so that he would be able to help those after he was gone.

Love, Little sis Brandy