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In Memory of

Mary Muron

June 16, 1988 – June 16, 2021
Brownsville, Pennsylvania

Mary was a loving mother of two boys Zack and Xavier and one girl Mia. Mary worked as a home Healthcare worker and enjoyed what she did. Mary loved history and anything historical, she was an avid reader, loved butterflies and the colors pink and purple. Mary made friends where ever she went and others enjoyed when she was around. Mary was focused kind and loved animals—Mary always brought stray pets home. Mary absolutely loved her loving maternal grandmother (Helen) who she looked up to. Mary was a beloved daughter to Georgia Muron who misses her everyday. Mary was a great friend to many, she was loyal, trustworthy, funny and witty. Mary was the only child to Georgia.

What she wanted
More than anything
Was to be loved
By somebody
With eyes
That saw
All of her,
And not just
What they
Wanted to see

Mark Anthony

Georgia Muron