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In Memory of

John Kadonick

John “Bones” Kadonick was my brother. He could never sit still. Ever. He always got up at the crack of dawn even as a little kid. We are full siblings but we grew up very differently. He was so outgoing and popular and I was scared of everything and shy.
I wish I could talk to anyone like him – light up any room I was in like he did. We didn’t always have a great relationship but we were working on it. He struggled for many years with addiction. Yes he made mistakes a ton of them but deep down he was an old soul who cared so much for ppl. More than he ever cared about himself. So many people tried to help him in the best ways that they knew how. You have no idea the amount of messages I have received from ppl I don’t know w stories of how Johnny helped them throughout his life. He made one last fatal mistake and our world came crashing down. Please remember addiction did not and will not define him. When you think of my brother Bones – please smile and think man he had such a good heart and soul. Our stepmom who received a double lung transplant in 2020 so it was a no-brainer to have him become an organ donor.
Core was able to donate his heart and save the life of a 38 year old gentlemen in Tennessee.
He saved the life of a a 57 year old woman In Massachusetts who received the gift of his liver.
His kidneys went to a 43 year old male in Pittsburgh and a 41 year old male in Cincinnati his lungs.. which I know made my dad and so happy, went to a 64 year old man in Virginia.

He was loved.

Thank you, Core for all you do.

We will love and miss you always, Love Dad, Krystle, your family and friends.