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Jodi Bradley

September 30, 2021 – February 21, 2021

Jodi, or Jo or JoJo, was truly one of a kind person. She never met a stranger and would talk to anyone anywhere. She loved giving to others through her work at CAMC Auxiliary and her passion for WomenHeart, but more than that she loved her family fiercely. Being the only daughter, and oldest granddaughter, she shared a very tight, special bond with her mother (Carol) and grandmother (Cene). But one cannot forget that all she had to do was let the crocodile tears flow and her dad (Ed) would melt for his baby girl. She shared separate special bonds with her brothers (Lee, Matt, & Ryan) and no one…absolutely no one could mess with her brothers or they would see her alter ego Nikki. It wasn’t until she became Aunt JoJo to Sara that she found her true calling. The huge laughs, fights, exciting trips, and the endless hours of play and enjoyment they shared was seen by all. Aunt JoJo and Sara quickly became best friends and Sara was her “mini me.” There was a truly special bond between Aunt JoJo and Sara that will never be seen or felt again. If you were to have known Jodi you would know she enjoyed life and being in the center of everything. If you ever ended up on the wrong side of her sharp tongue and opinions, you were lucky to get out on the other side unscathed. She would express herself with no apologies and love you just as hard. She loved her extended family just as much…and shared the same love with all in her circle. As she left us with a huge void in our hearts that we can never fill we take solace in the knowledge that she is giving so others may live. As Jodi has left us, we know that she is giving life not to recipients, but to new members of our family. Her family knows that as always Jodi had to do it her way and with her free spirit and giving attitude she chose to help others live. While he never had enough time with her we know that she lives on within us and everyone that she touched.

Jodi was a amazing woman that loved adventure and loved her family…she was a star that we got to enjoy for the short time we had her.

Your bravery and you continue to inspire us, The Bradley Family