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In Loving Memory

Jacob Grady

February 1, 1999 – December 31, 2020
Renfrew , Pennsylvania

Jacob was an amazing young man, full of life and promise. He graduated high school and our local votech as a machinist. He loved the outdoors: quad riding, riding his dirt bike, kayaking, camping, playing on the river with his jet ski and snowmobiling in Maine and Canada.

He had a zest for Life

He was quick to help others with whatever they needed. He was very family oriented.

Jacob became an organ donor when he got his learners/drivers permit. He always said, he didn’t need them when he was gone.

As a parent, I am honored by our son’s selfless act of organ donation. Jacob was able to donate his heart, liver, both kidneys, pancreas, both corneas, veins, and tissue.

You are greatly missed. Forever in our hearts, Mom, Dad, Johnathan and our entire Family