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In Memory of

Hannah Estep

Chambersburg , Pennsylvania

My sweetest Hannah,
You were my reason, the one who taught me the meaning of unconditional love. Your loud and infectious laughter could brighten the worst of days. Even from a young age you never met a stranger and always offered a smile.
You were all heart, I remember visiting the pet store and you cried when we had to leave the puppies, you were so worried they’d be lonely. That was your essence….always worried about others.

Hannah was fearless, kind, beautiful, a lover of music and could brighten the darkest of days with her laughter.

I remember with clarity the day she went for her drivers test and the selfless decision she made to be an organ donor. She was so proud of that decision, as was I. She gave the ultimate gift, the gift of life.
Following her accidental overdose we endured 4 of the longest days and nights in the ICU, until she sadly suffered from a brain stem herniation. She was then transported to CORE in Pittsburgh where she was able to gift her beautiful heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas.

I lost Hannah to an accidental overdose at the tender age of 19. She suffered from Substance Abuse Disorder, she fought so hard for her sobriety.

I’m so proud you chose me to be your mom.

I miss you with every fiber of my being and I love you,


Autumn Young