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Gary Hall

If you needed a laugh, our Dad, Gary, was always ready to help. Sometimes he told goofy dad jokes, and he had quite a few tall tales about his fishing, but he laughed and smiled the entire time he talked. That’s what made him special- his infectious personality. Everyone loved our dad and felt immediately comfortable and connected to him. He made you feel welcome no matter where you were or from where you came. Dad loved to fish. He would go anytime he could and took yearly trips to Erie and Canada to fish. He always went with friends and family and loved every minute of his time spent on the water. Our dad loved his family too. We often laughed about his lack of computer and phone savvy, and had a few laughs looking through his phone after he died. His phone was full of selfies that were too close, a few accidental photos of his legs or feet, and a lot of blurred pictures. But what we also found scattered through there were perfect pictures of his family- his kids, his fiancé, and pictures and videos of his granddaughter playing basketball. He always held his loved ones close to his heart, even if it involved technology he couldn’t quite grasp. If I had advice for Dad’s recipients, I’d tell them that when you see through his eyes, see all of the beauty around you and take it in. When you take in a deep breath with his lungs, may every breath help you lead as happy a life as he did. And when you feel his heart beat, I hope it’s filled with all of the love that he had for everyone. Spread his joy and love everywhere you go because if more people lived and loved like our Dad, this would definitely be a better world for everyone.

He lived life like he fished- he casted out love and and happiness and reeled in all of the joy and love he got in return.

Lisa Hall