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In Memory of

Elvira DiBiasio

Elvira was a wonderful daughter, sister, and aunt, always reminding each one how much she loved them. Elvira had a lovable personality and a very kind heart. She always made you feel important, gently holding your hand or getting your attention from across the room just to smile at you. She loved her family so much!!! She especially enjoyed spending time with her nieces, nephews, and great nieces and great nephews. Her collection of pictures was like none other. She would quietly brag about her family, showing pictures of them to everyone she met. Her embroidering ability was unbelievable and she shared her talent, giving gifts to those she cherished the most. She shared a special bond with her twin sister, Carmelina, who preceded her in death in 2007.
Elvira was a generous soul, even in death, she shared her organs so others could live.
Always missed and forever loved!!!

Elvira was kind, generous with a very forgiving heart!

Always loved and forever missed!!!! Mom, John, Emilia and Aldo, and family.