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He Touched So Many

Daniel Blakeley

December 9, 1999 – March 30, 2022
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My fourth born son, Daniel. There’s so much I can say about him. He had such a loving and caring soul. Always smiling! If you needed help and he could help you he would. No questions asked. He enjoyed life to the fullest. Loved his Family and Friends with no doubts. He was a jokester….loved making people laugh! Daniel was a very hard worker, loved his job at the local super market. Daniel didn’t drive but he sure did walk alot. Having Daniel as my Son is a true gift! He always made to sure to end each conversation with “I Love You Mom”! His 3 Brothers, 1 Sister and Father miss him so much. A big piece of all our lives is missing without him! Daniel has taught me not to be so serious all the time, only when I needed to be. Not to let people upset my life. And especially always told me to laugh!!!!! I have never seen him without a smile! Daniel makes me proud not only by being his Mother but how he taught me you can overcome anything when you put effort into it! And proud of the man he became. I always called him Danny Boy…when he was born I heard that son “Danny Boy” the old Irish one. Daniel is part Irish! When he was born we also called him “Peanut” he was so tiny and only weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces. He’s a very smart person…knows alot about almost anything you wanted to talk about. ANYTHING!!!!

“Stop Crying…..Laugh!”

I Miss My Son with all of Me, My Heart and Soul

I’d like to say to any of Daniels recipients that he is and was a very special person. He loved more than anyone I know! I’m sure some how some way he will bring happiness into your life, more that I’m sure you already have.

With So Much Love, Mom Jennifer Blakeley