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In Memory of

Christopher McClellan

April 20, 1980 – January 5, 2016

Christopher was an army veteran, husband to his wife, Kalee, and father to 3 red headed children, Jade, Aidan, and Brady. He served in the Iraq war, became a corrections officer after serving in the military. He was severely beaten by the Prisoners while on the job. He had traumatic brain injury due to the beating, and was unable to work. His balance never was good after the beating, and one night, he fell, striking his head, and had a brain bleed, which led to him being declared brain dead. His wife, Kalee, and I (his Mom) decided that we would honor his wishes to be an organ donor. We are sad that he is no longer with us, but received several letters from recipients of his organs, that get to continue on with life with their families due to Chris’s decision to be an organ donor. I miss my red headed handsome boy every day, but I am happy to know of all the lives that he saved. He was a hero in life and in death ! This makes me proud of my son!

He was a hero in life and in death!

Lori Rerko