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In Memory of

Cassandra Boyce

August 8, 1982 – December 4, 2022
Nettie, West Virginia

My sisters and I would play outside all day long and if we could get away with it, we even played flashlight tag at night or kick the can. As we got older, we always stayed close like when my sisters moved into their own place and Cass taught me how to drive a stick shift. She was the best kind of sister to have she always showed up when you needed her no matter the time she was coming. She was nicknamed “lil Red” short for little redneck and she earned that one. You knew were you stood with Cass because she would tell it like it was and how she felt usually very loudly. LOL But she would also give you her last dollar or work whatever she could do to help. They defiantly broke the mold when they made our Sister. I am so glad my daughter got to meet her because you were a wonderful proud Aunt Cass. She misses you but plays with her memorial bears, so I know she knows your flying around up there watching over her. There is a poem close to our family’s heart: A bright candle both ends burning an endless mile a bus wheel turning A friend to share a lonesome time A handshake and a sip of wine Say it loud and let it ring That we are all part of everything The future present and the past Fly on proud bird your free at last-Charlie Daniels

You will forever be loved and missed. Love you Cass!

Jennifer Walton and Christina Boyce