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In Memory of

Carolyn Hess-Spoonire

August 30, 1957 – March 10, 2022

Carolyn was born in rural Pennsylvania. She had two brothers she grew up with. Her oldest brother, Junior, passed when she was just 14 and it affected her whole life. She graduated high school and had a daughter the following year. Eight years later, another daughter was born.
Carolyn had spent 9 years working as a nursing assistant and then, when her youngest daughter turned 2, she worked to put herself through nursing school. Carolyn was a Licensed Practical Nurse for 27 years. She loved helping others, would help her coworkers, patients, family, and friends whenever needed, however she could. She believed in and was raised to honor hard work, integrity, and honesty. She had a strong faith and was baptized.
She loved talking and giving advice, traveling, camping, animals, playing bingo, yard sales, sitting up and having coffee in the mornings with loved ones, watching her crime shows (and daily would also love her Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy), family get-togethers and cookouts, her children (her two daughters) and grandchildren (she was blessed with 5), and the love of her life, Roger.
She moved to Virginia for a few years, where most of her mother’s side of her family resided. Then, she returned back to her rural hometown and remained in the county she was born and raised in. She loved those she grew up with and how tight-knit the community was.
Carolyn had to leave the job she loved, unfortunately, due to health related issues with her heart. As time passed, her heart grew weaker, but her family and friends remained by her side. Even when her body grew weak, her soul remained strong. You felt her love in every kiss and hug.
She was sassy, smart, and sarcastic, but that’s why everyone loved her. She was more than a strong woman who lived with grace and pride, she was and will always be our hero.

Carolyn was a strong, beautiful, giving woman who loved and appreciated her friends and family. She was and always will be our hero.

Loved and missed every day by her family and friends