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In Memory of

Brantley F. Carmichael

Brantley was an incredibly kind, loving, smart & enthusiastic son. He loved his family and his four young children with every inch of his heart. He enjoyed cooking, visiting family who lived out of town, time with friends, traveling with family, fishing, and Penn State University, especially football season. He had a dry wit and could always be counted on to joke with you about something. His big smile brought smiles to many others every day. Through his passing we learned many stories about what a good friend he was to everyone. One incredibly endearing story was from a dear friend during his high school years who was being bullied and stalked who told us Brantley escorted her to her car every day so she would not be afraid. His college friends from PSU tell stories of the countless hours he spent with them just listening to them when they needed a friend. His love for a friend in need was unbelievable, and people tell us they were blessed to know him. He never forgot old friends and made new friends quickly. He was quick to include friends or acquaintances who might be going through difficult times who just needed a hug and needed to have someone call to say, “Hey come on over; we’re cooking out; come join us.” Brantley had the biggest heart, and it’s ironic that his heart is what quit on him. We love you every day, son and will never forget you. We’ll be with you again. We’re so proud God allowed us to be your parents for 38 years. Until we meet you in Heaven, rest in peace sweet boy.

He had a big heart full of compassion and love for his family and friends, especially for those in need.

Love you always, Mom & Dad