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In Memory of

Alana Williams

Charles Town, West Virginia

Alana’s life was tragically taken in a car crash 5 weeks before her high school graduation, and 7 weeks before her 18th birthday when a man ran a red light.
She loved life. She loved to love. Alana had a booming voice! She was the one always telling jokes to cheer other up.
The day before her passing, Alana was talking about her plans to attend West Virginia University. She had a scheduled tour of the campus, which would have been the day after she was killed.
Rest in POWER is often used by many in reference to Alana.
The local Sheriff’s Department did not have lifesaving AED’s. A retired police officer, who had performed CPR on Alana at the crash scene, made a few phone calls to change this. Someone donated over $45,000 worth of AED’s for the local Sheriff’s Department. Now every deputy in the county will have one. Lives will indeed be saved because of Alana. Rest in POWER Alana!
Our family is most grateful for all the laughs that Alana gifted us with during her short lifetime. She taught us to be there for others, but to never leave ourselves behind.
I want Alana’s recipients to know that she chose to be an organ donor. She always wanted to help others. You’re carrying a piece of an Angel with you now.
Her life was taken way too soon. Her legacy will forever carry on.

At a certain point, you gotta stop second guessing yourself and just live your life.

Your bravery inspires us, Your family and friends