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Aiden Lutz

March 9, 2008 – October 20, 2023

Aiden Lutz was a kind, passionate, hardworking young man. He was a devoted son, who was his father’s partner, by his side on camping trips, fishing expeditions, garden work, garage work, and car shows. He shared his father’s love of Volkswagens and became an enthusiast for anything that had wheels from the time he could talk. Aiden’s passion for anything with wheels also included bicycles. His collection spanned all types, but his favorites included a yellow Kia bike with a banana seat as well as a green 1967 Schwinn bike.

Aiden’s kind heart will live on in everyone who had the honor to know him.

Family was so important to Aiden. He shared a close relationship with both his Grandpa and his Uncle Dan. The bond he had with his Grandpa was like no other. They always had a quiet understanding of each other. Aiden was also a fierce protector of his younger sister, Taylor. He was her biggest supporter.

Aiden worked hard in school. He had just started the auto tech program in the Butler Vocational Technical School during his tenth grade year. He was loving it, and he had planned to become an auto mechanic.

From the time that Aiden was in kindergarten, he was a devoted Boy Scout. During his time in Boy Scouts, he earned 45 merit badges as well as the rank of Life Scout. He also earned a membership to the Order of the Arrow, an honor society in Scouting. Aiden was beginning to think about ideas for his Eagle Scout project before his passing. Scouting truly led Aiden to make some amazing friends. He met his best friend, Anthony, who became his partner in crime, because of his involvement in Scouts. Aiden had so many great moments in Scouting, and he will always be remembered for his fierceness in the Gaga ball pit!

When Aiden was three years old, he joined a recreational soccer team. He continued playing soccer for the rest of his life. His speed on the soccer field will be remembered by all who played with him. When Aiden was in eighth grade, he joined the track team. He steadily improved over the next few years, blossoming in ninth grade as a distance runner. Aiden joined the Cross Country team for the first time right before starting tenth grade. He worked so hard to improve his runs during his time on the team. Aiden wasn’t always the fastest on the team, but he was one of the most cheerful and one of the biggest supporters for all of his teammates. He is remembered by so many for cheering on everyone along the sidelines and making everyone laugh at practice.

Running seems to be responsible for Aiden’s love of shoes. This love probably began with the black and white checkered Vans. However, Aiden loved many types of shoes, and he enjoyed wearing all of his running shoes as well as his Crocs.

What Aiden is most remembered for his smile as well as his kindness. Aiden was the kind of kid that any parent would want their child to be friends with. He brought laughter and light to any activity that he took part in with his friends. He fiercely defended his friends, and he made sure that everyone was included.

Aiden’s kindness will live on in everyone who had the honor to know him. His legacy of cheerfulness, loyalty, and kindness will never fade away.

Tara Lutz