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Common Questions

Answers to the most common questions about the Gallery of Heroes.
  • About the Gallery of Heroes

    • The Gallery of Heroes was customized by the Center for Organ Recovery & Education. It was originally created by LifeSource, the non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives through organ and tissue donation in the Upper Midwest.

    • You can find all of our contact info on the contact page of our website.

    • Consider becoming a CORE volunteer. As an Advocate, you will take an active role in CORE’s mission to Save and Heal lives through donation. Advocate opportunities are centered on remembering your loved one, celebrating the precious gifts they gave and honoring all those affected by donation.

      CORE Advocates are true ambassadors for organ, tissue and cornea donation, and its power to save, heal and transform lives. When you join our Advocate program, you hold that power, too.

    • You can email us directly and we’ll look into it right away.

    • The Gallery of Heroes doesn’t accept financial contributions, but your goodwill is always welcomed at CORE. Learn more on our website.

    • CORE has a number of support resources available to help you in your grief journey. Please visit the Donor Family Support Resources section on our website to learn more, including information about how to join our private donor family Facebook group.

  • Creating a Tribute

    • Legal next-of-kin of organ, tissue and cornea donors are invited to share tribute stories. We ask that you respect confidentiality and privacy, and please ask permission to share a story that’s not yours to share.

    • All you need is your name and an email address. Once you sign up, we’ll send you an email verification. Click the link in the email and you’re ready to start creating your tribute story.

    • Log in to your account and click “Create A Tribute” on the greeting screen. The system will guide you the rest of the way.

    • You can share as many tribute stories as you wish, but we ask that only legal next-of-kin of organ, tissue and cornea donors share tribute stories.

    • Yes, both are required because it helps us sort and order the tributes.

    • Sign in to your account and navigate to the edit page, where you can change the text, photos, and details of your story.

    • It’s best if there’s one tribute story per individual, so please work with your family and friends to tell the story together.

    • Yes, but we do ask that they have some association with the area that CORE serves in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Chemung County, New York. For example, if they previously lived here, if CORE cared for their gifts of donation, or if they received their transplant at a center located in our region. Otherwise, please contact your local Donate Life organization and ask them about creating a Gallery of Hope.

    • As many as four, as few as none.

    • No. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but we don’t require one. And you can always add one later.

    • As soon as you publish your tribute, you’ll have a link that you can share by email and on your own social media networks. Our team reviews all tributes before they’re added to our public site and to the app, a process that takes about a week depending on volume.

  • Sharing a Tribute

    • After you’ve created your tribute and submitted it for review, you’ll see a screen that shows your tribute’s permanent web address as well as icons to share the page on social media, including Facebook, etc…. Even before CORE has published your tribute to the website and app, you can share this link with your family and friends.

    • Tribute stories are public and accessible by anyone, so please keep this in mind when choosing what to share in your tribute. By widely sharing the stories of donation and transplantation, we will be able to increase community support for the gift of life.

  • Changing a Tribute

    • Log in to your account, select the tribute you want to change and edit the name. The web address of your tribute, however, cannot change once the tribute has been published.

    • Only people with your account login credentials (your email and password) can edit your tribute page. In very rare cases, CORE may edit a story if it contains objectionable content.

    • Sign in to your account, use the menu to navigate to My Tributes, then click on the tribute you want to edit. Click to step 5 where you can manage photos. Replace a photo by clicking on it then clicking “Delete this Photo.” You can then upload the replacement.

    • Sign in to your account, use the menu to navigate to the My Tributes page, and select the tribute you want to edit. Click to step 5 where you can add up to 4 photos.

    • In some cases, our team can recover an accidentally deleted tribute. Please email uscontact us if this happens to you.

    • Yes. Log in to your account and delete any tribute you’ve created.

  • My Account

    • Click “I forgot my password” on the account login page and we’ll reset it for you.

    • Sign in to your account and you’ll see a menu of options in the right column that will let you update your password, name, and email address.

    • Tribute stories are public and accessible by anyone, so please keep this in mind when choosing what to share in your tribute. Anyone visiting the website or using the app may share your tribute on their own social media networks.

      We don’t sell or share any of the information you publish in your tribute or provide in the Gallery of Heroes.

    • If you choose to have your account deleted from the Gallery of Heroes, your tributes will also be deleted. If you’re having trouble with your account, please contact us for additional support.

    • Log in to your account and select “Update my Password” in the right-hand column.

    • You can’t delete your account by yourself, but if you email us, we’ll delete it for you promptly.